'I Don’t Trust Him:' Briana Unloads About Devoin's Drunken Teen Mom 2 Incident

The young dad was intoxicated -- while watching daughter Nova

Devoin lost Briana's trust during the Teen Mom 2 season premiere: He was intoxicated while with daughter Nova (at the pool, no less). This week’s episode showed viewers more: the first time Briana came face-to-face with her baby daddy following the incident.

The two were relatively cordial -- the interaction was actually at last season's TM2 reunion and Devoin sort of apologized (though Briana was more upset he wasn’t taking the whole thing as seriously as he should have). But it was a different story for Briana behind the scenes.

After filming wrapped, Bri broke down with her sister Brittany and cousin Michael and shared how disappointed she was in how things transpired.

“[His apology] was not sincere. I don’t trust him,” she said. “He’s never going to take Nova anywhere by himself. She’s never sleeping over his house again.”

However, what was perhaps most concerning for Bri was how she would explain the situation to her daughter.

“How do I explain that you can’t be around your dad anymore because he was drinking?” she began. “Why did he have to f*ck-up? We were doing so well. She was so excited about finally spending alone time with her father. I’m so angry, because he’s going to let her down again and again because he can’t get his sh*t together. Eight years, and he doesn’t know what it’s like to be a real parent. I’m over it."

Where will Briana and Devoin go from here? Will he ever regain her trust and regain time with his daughter? Tell us your thoughts, tune into new episodes Tuesdays at 8/7c, and get more Teen Mom scoop on our YouTube channel.