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Lili Reinhart Calls Her Hustlers Character 'The Innocent One'

'I usually don't play girls who don't have their head on completely straight'

Riverdale star Lili Reinhart is taking on something of a different role than what she usually tackles in the upcoming movie Hustlers, and that's exactly why she loves it.

Speaking to ET Online, the actress revealed some of her inspirations behind taking on her character, the film's diversity, and how she ended up leaving her comfort zone while filming.

As you may be aware already, Hustlers is an upcoming film that follows a group of strippers who decide to join forces to steal from wealthy Wall Street clients after taking mistreatment at the hands of several rich and influential men. It features a star-studded cast like Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo, Constance Wu, Kiki Palmer, and Reinhart. And the fiercely independent Betty Cooper we know isn't coming out to play here, which was "refreshing" to Reinhart.

"It was quite a refreshing role to play because I usually don't play girls who don't have their head on completely straight," said Reinhart. "Betty knows what she wants, she's incredibly smart and a leader, and Annabelle was the opposite. She's certainly not stupid, but she's naive and young and I think she really was looking at the older girls to guide her and take her under their wing." She described her character Annabelle as "the innocent one," adding "Even though none of them are innocent."

To prepare for her role, Reinhart signed up for private pole dancing lessons and worked worked with costume designer Mitchell Travers to figure out the best look for Annabelle, which she described as "a little bit more slutty Hannah Montana."

"That was basically the vibe," she said. "And wearing really shitty extensions in my hair and interesting bold makeup, sparkles and blue eye shadow." She noted how fashion was "so different" just a few years ago in 2013, and while she may call her extensions less-than-stellar, she's still totally rocking it, even though she had to step out of her comfort zone to bring the character to life.

"I definitely look at strip clubs in a completely new way," Reinhart said of her time as Annabelle. “I have so much appreciation for the women who do what they do. It truly is a workout and incredibly hard, especially in heels that are 12-inches long."

Hustlers is sashaying into theaters on September 13.