Challenge Ousting: This Is When Cara Decided Johnny Bananas Was Her Primary Target

Team U.S. continues to be divided

Johnny Bananas emphatically declared "I am The Challenge" to Cara Maria during tonight's War of the Worlds 2 episode. But unfortunately for the six-time winner, the two-time champ deemed he was, indeed, not -- and served a heavy hand in his exit from the game.

"The Challenge gods of karma smile upon me -- don't ever throw a challenge because it will come back to you," Cara stated in an interview after Bananas was narrowly bested by Theo in the Proving Ground.

How did Bananas' downfall unravel, even though Tribunal Speaker Paulie assured his teammates -- and even singled out the veteran -- that they were all safe?

"We said we would go after their strongest player, and I believe Johnny is the U.K.'s strongest player right now," Tribunal member Cara stated after her fellow teammate Jordan elected to toss in Rogan.

The Big Brother alum went back on his word to not vote in anyone from Team U.S. (the same moment he stated Johnny was safe) and put in the Challenge legend.

Johnny wasn't "shocked" by the vote, but he was unable to defeat the Love Island alum in "Die For Me" after a "stupid mistake" at the end of the competition which cost him the W.

For Cara, it was vindication. But at what moment did Cara realize she wanted Johnny gone? And no, it had nothing to do with their last interaction at the War of the Worlds reunion (where Johnny talked negatively about her relationship with Paulie).

"I came in Team America," Cara recently told MTV News. "Any issues I have with you, gone. We're working together. What is TJ telling us to do? Win this Challenge. I will win this Challenge with everybody on my team, because I have faith in Johnny. I have faith in Wes. I have faith in Laurel. I wanted to work with everybody -- until they turn on me."

And that happened in the last installment.

"The fact is, Johnny and Laurel planned to sabotage our own team," she said. "Not only did they turn on our own team by putting Wes in and celebrated it, there was a planned set-up that some people decided to participate in and some people didn't. They wanted me to look like the worst player, so it was an easy vote to put me in. They were arranging whatever they could do to get me out. They wanted to take a shot at Paulie, and the first way to do that is to get rid of me or Ninja. Put us against each other. It was orchestrated. They planned the whole thing, and for me, it was that I had Johnny and Laurel on my team. Fine. Cool. Let's work together. But Johnny said since Day 1 when it was Team America, he insisted this was a team divided."

So will the separation among Team U.S. continue? Or will Bananas' ouster signal a shift in the alliances? Give your take on all mentioned above, and be sure to keep watching War of the Worlds 2 every Wednesday at 9/8c.