Sneak Peek: This Woman Wants To Track Down The BFF Who Ghosted Her

MTV's new series is about to debut

What if your oldest friend of 15 plus years cut off all communication? That's exactly what happened to Julia, and she's hoping to get some answers on MTV's brand-new series Ghosted: Love Gone Missing.

In a sneak peek of the premiere episode, Julia opens up about her longtime pal Del to hosts Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills. A brief reminder: Ghosting doesn't only occur between love interests -- close acquaintances are also susceptible.

"His mom used to babysit me. We grew up and did everything together," the "haunted" says about the "ghost." "I don't get along with my mom; I don't get along with my sister. He's the only family that I have at the end of the day."

But suddenly, everything changed between the two. When did Del cease all contact with Julia? And what is the other life-changing twist unfolding in Julia's life? Watch the video to find out, then see the entire tale on the premiere of Ghosted: Love Gone Missing on Tuesday at 9/8c.