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Cardi B Brings A Fearsome Presence To Fat Joe And Anuel AA's Nostalgic 'Yes'

She gives her haters a fake phone number to reach her at

Cardi B brings the hammer to Fat Joe's new single, "Yes," which also features Anuel AA. This bilingual party starter is a ball of energy that continues to unfurl over the course of three minutes and finds Cardi in particular bringing an avalanche of icy energy to the proceedings. Her threats and boasts have never sounded so crisp and electric.

Cardi's verse comes second on the nostalgic-sounding tune that wouldn't sound out of place at a nightclub in 2003, where its inhabitants are wearing large NBA jerseys and hats tilted sideways to the back. The "Please Me" rapper spits about what she has, how she got it, and what she'll do to defend it.

She places herself on the rap throne by telling everyone just how hard she's been working: "I been in my bag / Hoppin' outta jets / Been runnin' shit / And still ain't outta breath," she hisses as the venom drips from her fangs. After calling out her detractors, she gives them a phone number to dial her at (1-800-59-BX). It's probably not a real number, but still, you have to admit, it's pretty hilarious.

Cardi B is set to appear in the film Hustlers that comes out on September 13. Earlier this year, she released "Press" and "Please Me." When she's not lighting up other people's songs with fiery features, she's crafting hits for herself.

Listen to "Yes" up above.