Ghosted Premiere: Was Jordan Justified In Kicking Ross To The Curb?

After six months of dating, girlfriend totally went MIA

The only thing worse than a rough breakup? A sudden separation with no ensuing conversation, no attempt to explain, and no chance to secure any type of closure.

Enter: Ghosted: Love Gone Missing, MTV’s newest detective series that’s enlisted the likes of Travis Mills and Rachel Lindsay to help the haunted find those who’ve hung them out to dry and get answers as to why love or friendship suddenly ran cold.

And the newest sleuth-duo wasted no time taking on the case of stand-up comedian Ross on the show’s premiere. Ross, a 26-year-old New Yorker, said he’d met the girl of his dreams one summer night at an event called Tinderella, a millennial dating game. While Jordan didn’t pick Ross that night as her date, she hadn’t seen the last of him — Ross was so smitten with his dream girl, he reached out to the event’s organizer to get Jordan’s information. And his boldness worked in his favor, as the two proceeded to date for six months.

Then one day — out of the clear blue — Jordan blew Ross off and blocked his number and social media accounts.

“I don’t know how to move on without knowing why she cut me out of her life,” Ross lamented. “She’s the first girl I ever fell in love with.”

Ross said that if he had one guess as to why Jordan ditched him, it was because she reconnected with Brian, the guy with whom she’d actually matched at Tinderella.

Rachel and Travis considered that Ross could have been right or, perhaps, that Ross’s unstable job as a comic might have been too tenuous for Jordan. But guesses could only take the team so far, so they got down to work.

By searching through Facebook pages, making cold calls and digging more deeply into Jordan’s friendship history, the duo narrowed down the potential catalysts to Jordan’s ghosting. It wasn’t Brian, they learned, nor was it even Jordan’s eventual relationship with a girl named Makena.

So what was it? When the New York University student agreed to meet with Ross and the Ghosted crew, she said she “really, really loved” Ross and had opened up to him more than she ever had with anyone else, sharing personal information about deep-seated family pain centered on her absent father.

Then came the bomb-dropping.

“I trusted you, and you broke that trust,” she said. “The stuff you were saying about me was honestly so disrespectful.”

What stuff, you ask?

Jordan said that since Ross was often withholding about his comedy career, she took it upon herself to sneak into a set one night, and what she saw appalled her. She captured video of Ross making explicit jokes about their sex life, calling her “crazy” and saying that since she called him “daddy,” he had earned the right to eventually attend PTA meetings and get with more desirable women.

“You referred to my daddy issues, which is really f*cking not okay,” Jordan snapped. “Growing up without a dad my whole life, and you just want to make a joke about it?”

Ross wouldn’t acquiesce, though, and said Jordan had overreacted to what were clearly jokes. Eventually, things got so emotional that Jordan broke down and left the conversation. But when the dust settled and the chat resumed, Ross finally apologized. What came next, though, shocked everyone: Given the chance to make up with Jordan or ghost, he went for the latter, saying that Jordan’s choice to shut him out changed his opinion of their relationship beyond remedy.

Jordan, not so surprisingly, chose the same course of action and said that the trust she lost through Ross’s stand-up exploitation wasn’t something she could get back.

But what do you think? Was Jordan’s initial ghosting of Ross warranted? Or was Ross right, and was his comedy act no big deal? Tell us what you think, then be sure to check out the next episode of Ghosted Tuesday at 9/8c.