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John Mayer Cuddles With His Dog And Records An Epic Tune In 'Carry Me Away'

So THIS is his secret hit song-making formula!

Have you ever wondered what John Mayer's creative process is? As of this writing, he's got four platinum albums to his name and three more that have gone gold. We hear the emotional tunes year in and year out, but we never get to see exactly how he brings them to life.

That changes with his new video for an adorable new song, "Carry Me Away," that gives fans a peek into creating a song from start to finish. It's like a John Mayer tutorial for musicians who want to replicate what he does. You'll need a live band and a giant black Labrador retriever named Moose to make it as authentic as possible.

"Carry Me Away" is a sweet, floating ode to the excitement of new romance. Mayer sings about having a boring summer and needing something to get him amped after months of relaxing. He spots someone who has the fire in their eyes of a soul that lives differently and dangerously. "Take me out and keep me up all night / Let me live on the wilder side of life," he pleads as he sings.

The journey begins and Mayer is wide-eyed, smiling, and laughing at the exhilarating experience of the moment: "You carnivore, you loose cannon / Can I have some more? I can't understand it / You fast car, you foolish spender / You know you are, and I surrender." He simply can't believe how amazing this person is.

Instead of making the video for the song a love story, Mayer instead brings listeners into the recording process. Mayer likes to sit on the couch in his studio in a Deadheadland t-shirt and brainstorm while Moose cuddles with him. Mayer breaks out the instruments and gets the work flowing when he's inspired; and soon after, he brings in live players.

After recording the song in the awesome collaborative environment where everyone's smiling and laughing as much as they're recording music, Mayer ends up back on his couch, ready to begin working on another song. This is the secret behind the Mayer machine. It's a secret formula of hard work, successful collaborations, and the love of a pet.

Mayer's last studio album, The Search For Everything, came out in 2017. Earlier this year, he released a sullen single, "I Guess I Just Feel Like."

Watch Mayer, his dog, and an awesome band make magic happen in a studio in "Carry Me Away" up above.