Family Vacation Catastrophe: Is Ronnie At Risk For A Repeat 'Ronpage' In Vegas?

Vinny and Pauly are worried the answer is yes

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation crew (minus one Situation) is back in Sin City for Vinny's guest stint at Chippendales, and Ron could be headed for a Vegas vacation 2.0 if he's not careful.

As of tonight's episode, the Bronx native seems to be on the straight and narrow after spending time at a wellness retreat center, but his roommates worried that history would repeat itself based on the reappearance of old habits.

"I assumed everything was good because when he's quiet on social media, it's nothing," Pauly D said, addressing Ronnie's sporadic Instagram use. "I know he [was] in Cabo, and then all of a sudden, he's posting erratically again. I know something's wrong -- I just don't know what."

What could be bothering Ariana's dad? For starters, he confessed to Pauly that Jen "doesn't want to see the roommates anymore."

"I have my life with her, and I have my life with you guys," he said. "The two worlds continue to collide, and I'm just kind of cleaning up my mess at this point from last year."

Said mess refers to Ron's recent dude ranch debacle along with a series of other mishaps including a mysterious scuffle in Secaucus -- not to mention his on-again, off-again status with Jen. And the ever-insightful Pauly stated that enough is enough.

"I want to give him the benefit of the doubt because he's coming out of rehab. Maybe he's fine. But the past is the past, and he just keeps reliving it," Pauly said. "I see everything. I'm like a ninja. Ronnie's acting weird. It's only a matter of time before a Ronpage is coming."

As for Vinny? He also sensed another downward spiral.

"This is, like, my Vegas trip. I don't want it turned into what happened last time. I just remember it was Puerto Rican Jesus for two days, and then it went bad," shared the keto guido, referencing Ron's once-angelic outlook. "That sh*t is toxic. Every time Ron even looks at his phone, I'm worried he could have a meltdown."

Meanwhile, Ron has no doubt that it's "going to be a journey every day" to maintain his mental health. But what are your thoughts? Sound off, then tune in for more Vegas Family Vacation Thursday at 8/7c.