Starting Over (Again): Will Audrina And Justin Move On After His Hills Apology?

The two made amends at Speidi's vow renewal

The last time Audrina and Justin Bobby saw each other, it "wasn't so great" (his description) -- and it might rank among the worst Hills interactions the two have endured. But during this week's New Beginnings finale, Drina and JB spoke at Heidi and Spencer's vow renewal -- and the conversation was heartfelt and featured some tears.

It began on a light note: The duo laughed about how he abruptly left the restaurant during their aforementioned showdown (she claimed it was because he was "fiery and Italian"), but she immediately got real about their history and how her frustration that evening wasn't directly related to the Stephanie hookup rumor.

"Knowing you for 15 years, it was more of a betrayal and disrespect," she explained, just before beginning to sob. "You were always there for me, and you just like, just wrote me off."

Justin Bobby, meanwhile, insisted that wasn't his goal and immediately apologized, saying, "I'm sorry, sweetie."

Audrina declared it was "done" "fine" and revealed in her confessional that she "appreciated" Justin's expression of regret and that she had been waiting for it for a long time.

"I know it was hard transitioning from whatever it was just to friends, but I'm happy that you're happy," she told him, while alluding to his lady Lindsay.

JB admitted he had "major growing pains," but both he and Audrina insisted it was challenging to see each other and not speak.

"Cheers," she perfectly gestured with her cocktail, just like he did with a champagne flute at their first date in the premiere episode. Full. circle.

So the two are "starting over" and hoping to get out of the awkward phase yet again. But is this an authentically clean slate for Justin and Audrina? Truth and time tells all -- so stay with MTV News for more Hills Season 2 updates.