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Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Get Ready To Retire In Bad Boys For Life Trailer

The film hits theaters on January 17

Attention: Bad Boys For Life is coming out. And no, this isn't a hoax. This isn't even some super fan's fever dream brought on by a decade and a half of obsession over the franchise's possible third film. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have returned to their roles as the womanizing Mike Lowry and scaredy-cat Marcus Burnett respectively and are set to go on another explosive journey with tense car chases and slow-motion shootouts, with plenty of hilarious commentary from the two cops in action.

Don't take our word for it: The first trailer for the movie is out as of Wednesday (September 4) and hints at a journey that will wrap up the story on a definitive note.

It's been a long 16 years since Bad Boys 2 ended with a relaxing party and a happily ever after. The trailer for Bad Boys For Life doesn't waste its time trying to get viewers up to speed on what its two main characters have been up to in the meantime; we just watch them exit an expensive car and wince when Marcus bangs the door on a fire hydrant — because in addition to Marcus being the timider of the two, he's also somewhat of a klutz. With that thwunk, we're back like we never left. Mike and Marcus are still getting whooped by criminals and doing some whooping themselves.

Early on, we're hit with a bombshell: Marcus is thinking about retiring, finally. After getting swept by bullets into another major crime storm, Mike and Marcus bump fists and get ready to dive into the thick of it, "one last time."

That's when the bottom drops. Buildings explode, stairs collapse, Mike dives across floors while pink dust floats in the air, and Marcus stands flabbergasted in the midst of a shootout that he can see so much clearer with glasses. It ends with some younger police officers singing the infamous "Bad Boys For Life" song that has come to be associated with the franchise, only for Mike and Marcus to tell them to stop immediately, cringing. "Y'all will never do that again," says Mike, glaring. Marcus chimes in behind him: "And you fucking up the lyrics, which take a long time to learn."

Bad Boys For Life is set to hit theaters on January 17. So hold on tight for the duration of the holidays and get ready for the new year. It's going to be the season of the Bad Boys.

Check out the trailer for Bad Boys For Life up above.