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Constance Wu Gives Cardi B An All-Out Lap Dance In New Hustlers Footage

The stripper student becomes the master

In the beginning, Cardi B taught Constance Wu exactly how to give a proper lap dance. Now, we're seeing what it was all for in the latest bit of Hustlers footage.

Hustlers is about to hit theaters this month, and it's bringing a jaw-droppingly awesome cast to the big screen. Jennifer LopezConstance WuLili ReinhartKeke PalmerLizzoCardi BJulia Stiles, and more are joining forces to make one of the coolest "girl squad" movies we've seen yet, and from the look of things, it's going to be totally out there.

Wu takes on the role of Destiny, who wants to be able to take care of her ailing grandma and "maybe go shopping every once in a while." But, like in the real world (as Wu pointed out to Entertainment Weekly), her stripping skills were a bit lacking at first. She enlists the help of Cardi B's character to give her a few pointers on how to improve her lap dancing techniques (among other things) and before you know it, she's working it like a pro, as you can see in this new footage. It's a very real case of the student becoming the master – almost!

The new clip is filled with additional looks at how the rest of the cast ends up stealing from their rich clients, who appear to be some pretty terrible people anyway. How will it all work out in the end? We'll have to wait for the whole thing, but hopefully there isn't jail time in the works for these stunning, powerful hustlers. Maybe Lizzo's singing could get them out if that happened?

The movie is headed for a sparkling, glittery debut in theaters on Friday, September 13. Secure those reservations now, because it's going to likely blow the roof off the theater.