How Travis Mills Got Catfish-ed (But Then Totally Ghosted The Woman)

Sit back -- the 'Ghosted: Love Gone Missing' host has quite an entertaining tale to tell

Travis Mills is about to help a bunch of folks who have been ghosted when a brand-new MTV series exploring this all-too-common phenomenon debuts. And it turns out, the Ghosted: Love Gone Missing co-host has actually been a ghost before -- and his situation even featured a dash of catfishing plus a tattoo.

"I was eighteen, and this girl messaged me on social media," Travis reveals in the video above, as fellow co-host Rachel Lindsay listens to his unique tale. "She was Canadian [but] she was living in the States. Somehow, she made a joke that we should get married. My dumb ass was like, 'Okay, cool. I'll marry you so you can get citizenship.'"

The woman was all for his proposal (pun intended) and promptly invited Travis to (where else?) Las Vegas, even supplying the plane ticket. But that's when things took a fishy turn.

What exactly unfolded in Sin City, and how did Travis wind up with some ink? Watch the clip to find out -- and see Rachel reveal the instance where she was ghosted below. Then don't miss Ghosted: Love Gone Missing, premiering on Tuesday at 9/8c!