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Demi Lovato Praises Taylor Swift's Lover, Calls 'Cruel Summer' A 'Jam'

'Life's too short for women not to support other women'

The internet has been pitting Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato against each other for years now. But Lovato wants fans to know that, despite their rumored feud, there's actually no bad blood (pun intended) between them. In fact, the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer can't get enough of Swift's brand new seventh studio album, Lover. And on Monday (September 2), she took to Instagram to show support for Swift and her new music.

"Life's too short for women not to support other women...especially when women release great music," Lovato wrote on her Instagram Stories. "great job @taylorswift," she added. More specifically, though, Lovato seems to be a big fan of the album's second track, titled "Cruel Summer." Along with a screen-cap of the song playing on her phone, Lovato referred to the track as "a jam." What a compliment!

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Obviously, fans of both pop stars were delighted to see Lovato praising Swift's new music. And even Swift herself was thrilled to hear that Lovato's been enjoying her latest release. As a show of gratitude, the "ME!" songstress shared Lovato's post to her own Instagram Stories, writing, "This is so awesome & put the biggest smile on my face. Thank you @ddlovato."

Now, Swifties and Lovatics can breathe a sigh of relief — especially after the rampant (and false) rumors that Swift was the reason Lovato didn't attend this year's MTV Video Music Awards. By now, we all know that Lovato missed the event because she was filming for her guest role on Will & Grace. But when you combine her absence with her outspoken support of manager Scooter Braun amid his public feud with Swift, it's not difficult to see how the internet cooked up more beef than there ever truly was.

"I have dealt with bad people in this industry, and Scooter is not one of them," Lovato wrote on her Instagram Stories back in July. "He's a good man. Personally, I'm grateful he came into my life when he did. Please stop 'dragging' people or bullying them. There's enough hate in this world as it is." And although Lovato and Swift certainly don't share the same opinions about Braun, we're glad to see that they can still lift each other up and celebrate each other's triumphs.