Prying Eyes: Did Jade Really Snoop Through Sean's Phone On Teen Mom 2?

On her series debut, the newest addition to the franchise clashed with her boyfriend -- loudly

This season of Teen Mom 2 introduced a brand-new cast member to join Chelsea, Leah, Kailyn and Briana -- Jade, formerly of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

First, Jade's high points: She revealed that since we last saw her on the Young and Pregnant reunion, her baby daddy Sean has been maintaining his sobriety via an outpatient program. Additionally, the on-again couple was living together along with their daughter Kloie and a roommate, and Jade even had plans for the three of them to move out on their own in the near future. Jade was also in beauty school five days a week, and Sean got a job at a fast-food restaurant. Sean's gig was okay -- for the most part.

“Work has been getting in the way of rehab and stuff but...I’m going to make it so it’s not in the way,” he told Jade. “I’ve only missed two meetings.”

But there were some low points too. As the episode progressed, Jade admitted to a pal that she was worried her boyfriend would fall back into his old habits, so she still felt she had to keep a watchful eye on him. And the couple’s ongoing trust issues resurfaced as well.

“He’s accusing me of going through his phone when I f*cking wasn’t!” she yelled as the two were gearing up to go out to dinner for their four-year anniversary. “I’m not going to admit to something I didn’t do.”

In addition, Jade believed Sean was lying about the snooping story. An explosive fight ensued, and they cancelled their plans entirely.

“I feel like he just made all that up so he could stay home and play video games,” she said. “I guess we’re not f*cking going. Over it. He can go to f*cking hell.”

Do you think Jade really looked through Sean's phone, or was he just starting trouble? Can the two get back on track as the season progresses? Tell us what you think, then keep watching Jade on Teen Mom 2 on its new night, Tuesday, at 8/7c.