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Shawn Mendes Launches Self-Titled Organization To 'Inspire, Empower, And Act'

The foundation's first two clients are SickKids in Canada and REVERB

Shawn Mendes has long since had his share of success, and he's looking to use his platform to pay it forward to fans.

The singer took to Instagram on Wednesday (August 28) to announce the launch of his organization to do just that. The Shawn Mendes Foundation was created to "inspire, empower, and act."

"For a long time, I’ve wanted to find a way to amplify the causes that my fans care deeply about, and to further help them make their voices heard," he captioned a quick video clip about the foundation. "Our generation has the power to change the future of our planet, and to help carry that change forward for so many generations to follow. With that, I’m so excited to announce the launch of @ShawnFoundation, to support causes that are important to my fans and our generation."

The clip alongside Mendes's heartfelt caption briefly shows the singer performing to fans, visiting them in the hospital, and interacting with groups of fans holding inspirational signs.

"I will work alongside my fans to help provide them with a platform and the means to give back and take action. For more information, head to x," he advised. The foundation will be launching two campaigns in the near future with REVERB, an environmental nonprofit that helps artists reduce their environmental footprint, and SickKids in Canada, a Toronto-based group that works alongside children's hospitals to make positive change.

Shortly after Shawn's announcement, fans eager to get involved ended up crashing the website. The power. We love a philanthropic king, after all. Between a steamy performance with Camila Cabello at the 2019 VMAs and this awesome initiative, Shawn is putting smiles on just about everyone's faces – except those of us who wanted to see the pair kiss. That would have totally made our day.