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Brie Larson Debuts A Cover Of Miley Cyrus's 'Slide Away' And It's Just Gorgeous

Sweet and soulful

Brie Larson, consider this an open letter to you.

We're seriously loving your gorgeous acoustic covers. Those quick clips you've been serving us with you covering a wide variety of tunes? We're eating it up, honestly. But you've gotta stop teasing us and just drop a new album already, girl! We can only take so much of this!

After Miley Cyrus performed her soulful breakup anthem "Slide Away" at the 2019 VMAs, Brie took to Instagram Stories with her own spin on the track on Tuesday evening (August 27), giving it a stripped-down makeover. Every time Brie picks up a guitar and strums out a popular song we're just left wondering why it is she hasn't gone ahead and released a cover album, because every single clip she releases (never the whole song, because that might slay us too hard) is better than the next.

Maybe she was inspired by the raw power of Miley's performance, because we have to admit — so were we. Whatever her reason behind busting out the guitar again to give us what we wanted with more Singer-Songwriter Brie, we're thankful.

The last time the Captain Marvel star decided to bless us was earlier in August 2019 with a heartfelt rendition of Ariana Grande's Sweetener hit "God Is a Woman." Again, she only gave us a small taste of the song, but it was enough to make us long for more.

Larson has previously served additional acoustic covers of songs like Kacey Musgraves's "Space Cowboy" and even took it back with Grande's "My Everything" in the past. And with every new clip we just have to wonder: Are all of these clips leading up to something, like a surprise album? Or is Brie just relaxing and having fun with music as a hobby?

Whatever the case may be, keep serving them up, honey. We're ready.