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Smash Mouth Celebrate 20 Years of 'All Star' With Breathe Carolina EDM Remix

All that glitters is most definitely gold with this remix

Hey, now. You're an all star. Remix your 20-year-old song. Get paid.

That's likely the tune Smash Mouth is singing right now, as the group is celebrating its ubiquitous hit "All Star" with the debut of "All Star (Breathe Carolina Remix)" that debuted on Thursday (August 22).

Think you know the meme-tactic song? You haven't heard anything yet, as this version totally transforms the familiar spotlight Shrek tune in a way that makes it feel immediately modern. To bring it to life, Breathe Carolina tried to combine "punk rock roots with dance music's urgency and rhythm," and it certainly sounds as if they succeeded. Listen to the classic version here, in case you forgot how it sounded. But you didn't forget, did you? No one ever forgets.

"Over the years, it seems like hundreds of remixes of ‘All Star’ have emerged, and we as a band are flattered and grateful for the love and attention,” said Smash Mouth. “We have not commissioned an ‘official’ remix to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our hit ‘All Star'...until now." Yes, this is the absolute first time the band has ever signed off on a true remix, which makes it even more impressive. And it looks like waiting was the best for all parties. This remix has transformed the song into a legitimate banger, and we're not sorry.

Breathe Carolina was equally thrilled to be involved, especially since the song is still very much an important part of pop culture. Admit it – you're still bumping it for those car singalongs, right?

“‘All Star’ was a huge part of our early lives; it was such a big song when we were growing up,” said the artists. “To think that we got to take it and give it a modern twist is so crazy!”

While Smash Mouth is in a remixing mood, might we suggest an updated version of "Walking on the Sun" soon? It still slaps, and that's no lie.