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Charli XCX Says C Ya To An X On 'Miss U'

The song appears on the soundtrack for the third season of '13 Reasons Why'

When Charli XCX isn't reminiscing about the year before the turn of the century or dangerously throwing herself into the storm of modern love, she's saying sayonara to an old lover when the fire has extinguished, according to her new song "Miss U" that appears on the soundtrack for the third season of 13 Reasons WhyIt's bittersweet like fresh cranberries and comes from a place of strength and catharsis. And as usual with Charli, it's inventive pop that sounds electric, no matter how fast, slow, happy, or sad that it sounds.

"Miss U" makes breakup days no different than your typical Friday, because everyone knows that it's probably best to become single at the start of the weekend. The warm, voltaic song isn't the wounded waving of the white flag of a defeatist. It's not even the victory cry of a winner, but a mellow and stinging look at realizing that a relationship has run its course and that, contrarily to popular belief, it is okay to miss an ex-flame. That's healthy. And when you can realize that while still successfully separating yourself from them, you're on the true course to successfully move on.

"Even though we're through / I'm  always here for you / I know you feel it too / I'm telling you the truth," she sings, almost in a triumphant manner. You can almost imagine her embracing her ex and giving them a warm pat on the back, wishing them the best in their future endeavors.

Charli XCX is preparing to release her third studio album, Charli, on September 13. So far, she's released a slew of singles: "1999" with Troye Sivan, "Blame It On Your Love" with Lizzo, "Gone" with Christine and the Queens, and "Cross You Out" with Sky Ferreira.

Listen to Charli XCX walk away from an ex with a smile on "Miss U" up above.