Cue The Tears: Teen Mom OG's Catelynn And Tyler Thank Carly's 'Amazing' Parents

Ten years after the adoption, the two had heartfelt words for Brandon and Teresa

Catelynn, Tyler, Brandon and Teresa made their MTV debut 10 years ago when Cate and Ty were outlining an adoption plan for their unborn little girl. And during last night's reunion special, Carly's birth parents and parents shared the MTV stage for the first time in several years. Footage of the couples meeting for the first time, Carly's birth and the couples saying farewell after exchanging the newborn were revisited at the New York taping.

"You really know how to bring the tears back," Teresa declared after the montage played.

After discussing the inaugural 16 and Pregnant sit-down -- all parties were "nervous" -- the foursome, plus hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa, marveled at Tyler's role in this scenario.

"[Adoption counselor] Dawn let me know that it's very rare for birth fathers to stay involved," Ty stated. "Most of the time, the adoptive parents are dealing with just the birth mom. The birth father is kind of whatever."

Cate expressed her gratitude for having an open adoption plan, something that was decided before Carly was born.

"I really like having it open," Cate said, noting that she and Tyler were "able to witness [Brandon and Teresa] holding their child for the first time." Tyler added that it was "very reassuring."

At the conclusion of the segment, Tyler had a simple, but profound, message for the 10-year-old's mom and dad.

"Thank you for just letting us be involved and see her and [being] amazing parents for her," Tyler stated. "We really couldn't have asked for anything more."

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