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BROCKHAMPTON Use Dark Churches And Rocking Boats To Show Their Sadness In 'No Halo'

It's the fourth single from their new album 'Ginger'

BROCKHAMPTON have released a video for their new single, "No Halo" that's much darker and more emotional than their particular brand of wild and nonsensical clips. It's odd seeing the internet's boy band in this emotive space, but it fits with the bleaker nature of the tune, which finds members Matt Champion, Merlyn Wood, Dom McLennon, Joba and Bearface (Kevin Abstract, Ryan Beatty, and Deb Never are largely on choruses and intros) digging into darker topics like relationship failures, drugs, and poor mental health. It's not a wild ride this time, but it is, at times, a disorientating one.

The silver space suits return this time, but instead of bouncing around a field, the entire BROCKHAMPTON collective stand without smiles. There's an owl present, for some odd reason, and when they hop into a car for a ride, the camera sluggishly follows them as it blurs as if it were drunk. Not a lot of it makes sense because BROCKHAMPTON move off of feelings and aesthetics instead of concrete artistic aesthetics. Cameras spin around a residential street and the lights flicker in a church illuminated in red, one member raps while a boat rocks dangerously in a sea, and another sits in a gigantic fortress made of silver. What connects all of these scenes though, are the feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and despair. Being BROCKHAMPTON doesn't just come with eclectic imagery that's all fun and games. There are some serious, introspective things that they want to show you, too.

"No Halo" is the fourth single released from their forthcoming album Ginger that's set to drop on August 23. So far, they've also released "I Been Born Again," "If You Pray Right," and "Boy Bye." Their last studio album, Iridescence, came out in 2018.

Watch BROCKHAMPTON's emotional video for "No Halo" up above.