Challenge Expulsion: Will Team U.S. Suffer For Snubbing CT?

The Americans chose Turbo instead of the MTV legend on the 'War of the Worlds 2' premiere

Patriotism proved to run thin as War of the Worlds 2 got underway, and Team U.S. immediately exiled one of its historically strongest players to its opponents on Team U.K. Now, the question is, will that choice lead them to Challenge victory, or will Britain — and the unexpected banishment — bite them in the ass?

On the show’s first episode, TJ welcomed a crop of familiar Yanks and fresh blood from across the pond to compete on the show’s 34th season. And he wasted no time introducing the first mission: “Trench Warfare,” which challenged each team to run from one end of a lengthy track to the other, collect a flag and return it to his or her home base. The first team to successfully retrieve all their flags would win and receive an especially important bonus: first pick of a crew of four reinforcements.

That's right: Each team had begun with 14 players, but TJ immediately threw in a twist that would expand the game’s roster by four. The victors could choose between CT and reigning champ Turbo on the guys’ side, and between Dee and Ninja Natalie on the ladies’ side. The losing team would then assume the two remaining players.

And the group knew the right to first dibs would be a critical advantage.

“A lot of things are on the line here, because good players can make or break your squad,” Paulie observed.

After an intense battle, and thanks to a Herculean effort from returning vet Laurel, who blocked a few lingering Brits from finishing when it looked like Team U.K. had the game in the bag, Team U.S. put its very first victory on the season’s scoreboard. And while the win seemed sweet, the mood immediately soured when the gang tried to decide which guy it wanted. While some of Team U.S. seemed certain CT’s impressive resume made him the clear choice for recruitment, others thought he’d become a little too bulky and slow in his golden Challenge years, and that Turbo — who was in tip-top shape — would be a more valuable asset.

“I want CT -- I don’t care if he’s not fit,” Kam argued. “He’s going to remember if we don’t pick him.

Ashley agreed.

“CT’s been our friend for the past 15 f*cking years, guys,” she urged.

Still, some of the more intense American players tried to look at the bigger picture.

“We’re not picking CT,” Jordan said. “Can you imagine trying to haul all that weight? Imagine doing any swinging on a rope s***. Climbing?”

Finally, after the back and forth, Jordan announced that Team U.S. had chosen Turbo, and immediately, things got…pretty awkward.

“This is one of the most uncomfortable moments I’ve ever had on The Challenge,” Zach said. “I am mortified for how CT feels right now. Not only does he not get to compete for his country, he doesn’t get to compete with some of his best friends. This decision could backfire.”

Cara Maria agreed, and said Team U.S. essentially equipped its opponents with a superpower.

“Sending CT to the other side is a bad decision,” she said. “Now he can use every little intel that he has about every one of the players here for the other side. He can essentially run that team, and that’s dangerous.”

And, as soon as the decision was made, CT said he planned to do precisely that.

“Are you f*cking kidding me?” the two-time winner asked. “These kids must be out of their minds…I’m gonna show you.”

“I know everything about them,” he preached to his new team. “I know where they’re sore, where they’re achy. What they’re afraid of. Who hates who.”

What do you think: Did Team U.S. make the right choice by seeking some extra Turbo? Or did they mess up by making CT a begrudging turncoat, and is it only a matter of time before he whips Team U.K. into fighting shape? Share your thoughts, and see what happens when the show returns Wednesday at 9/8c! And for all of the latest Challenge content, subscribe to our YouTube channel here.