She's Back: Laurel's Teammates Sound Off On The Champ's War Of The Worlds 2 Return

Cara and Jordan certainly have history with the 'Free Agents' winner

Laurel made her Challenge debut nearly 10 years ago when she was fresh meat 2. And after a hiatus, the Free Agents champ is back and vying for her second title on War of the Worlds 2. And that means competing on the same side -- Team U.S. -- as her former friend Cara Maria and her ex-boyfriend Jordan.

"The last time I saw her was at the Invasion of the Champions reunion," the Battle of the Bloodlines and Vendettas victor recently revealed to MTV News (the last season Laurel appeared). "We pretty much figured out right away that we were on a team. Laurel’s a great competitor, so as far as I was concerned, I was like, ‘Great, she’s on our team.’"

Meanwhile, Jordan had a bit of a different status with the 9-1 elimination record holder.

"Laurel and I were on good terms before starting the game," he explained. "Laurel's a competitor, and so am I. In any Challenge, you need any advantage that you can get, so it was kind of like this unspoken bond. Like, 'Hey, we have this mutual respect, so you're good, I'm good. Let's do the damn thing.'"

How will Laurel fare when she makes her triumphant return to The Challenge? And will she work with Cara and Jordan along the way? Do not miss the premiere of War of the Worlds 2 -- featuring the aforementioned trio -- on Wednesday, August 28 (one week from today) at 9/8c!