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Harry Styles Living It Up At An Ariana Grande Concert Is My Monday Motivation

Dance like the entire world is definitely watching

Think you're an Ariana Grande fan? Pfft. You haven't seen anything yet.

If you're finding it hard to roll out of bed and get your Monday going, we proudly present Harry Styles absolutely losing it at one of Ari's concerts. He went hard. Hard to the core. Harder than worldwide stadium tours, to quote

Styles recently spent a night out with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown in tow at one of Ari's stops in London. But he wasn't just standing around nodding and mouthing lyrics. Oh, no. Ya boy Harry was dancing like his entire life depended on it, and if you needed a reason to spring out of your pajamas and right on into the day, this should do it for you.

Just look at this grindin' and booty poppin'! He looks good, he feels good, he's on top of the world in these clips. Yes, babies, Harry is feeling himself.

Social media has since erupted as people have been sharing videos of him bringing his amazing dance moves to life during "Dangerous Woman" and "Baby I," among other hits. I mean, it's perfectly understandable why. Have you ever seen someone so impossibly into the music other than yourself in front of the mirror pre-shower?

Meanwhile, Harry and Millie were seen excitedly chattering together, likely over the force of nature that is Ariana Grande. If you thought Harry shakin' it was impressive, listen to sis serving those vocals.

What are they discussing? What are they planning? Are we able to get in on this newly-blossoming friendship? Maybe Harry is dishing on why he decided to turn down the role of Eric in Disney's The Little Mermaid remake. Maybe Millie told him when the next season of Stranger Things is set to air. Details! We need details.

Whew. When legends stan legends, right? You love to see it.