BROCKHAMPTON Conquer Basketball And Glass Boxes In 'Boy Bye'

Their new album 'Ginger' drops on August 23

BROCKHAMPTON's new album, Ginger, is coming out on August 23. Along with this surprise announcement, the boy band has released its third new single from the forthcoming LP in three weeks: "Boy Bye," an alarmingly fast-paced tune that comes with a BROCKHAMPTON-signature video that's wicked, wild, and wonderful. Those creepy Avatar-like people return for this one, and with an equally as mystifying giant.

"Boy Bye" is another bareboned beast, made up of mostly percussion with a stray melody here and there. It's a joyous time, so it makes sense that the video for it, as well, is all in good fun. Dom McLennon is twirling a basketball while people around him malfunction. Matt Champion raps his energetic verse from inside a glass box a few stories high in the air. Kevin Abstract is surrounded by candles in darkness, shirtless, rapping to the void. Bearface stumbles through a drawling verse in a warehouse. There are a bunch of different scenes, tied together by randomness. Blue people fight in the background. There's a giant sitting in a grassy field. The members get chased by masked figures in space outfits. Chaos would be the best way to describe it, and it suits BROCKHAMPTON's MO.

"Boy Bye" follows the recently-released tunes "If You Pray Right" and "I Been Born Again." Their last studio release was 2018's IridescenceEarlier this year, Kevin Abstract released his own album, Arizona Baby.

Watch BROCKHAMPTON struggle in weird ways in "Boy Bye" up above.