Hills Guest List: Should Spencer Invite Brody To The Speidi Vow Renewal?

Based on Mr. Pratt's comments, it's not likely

Spencer and Heidi are about to celebrate a decade of marriage with a "refresh reboot" vow renewal. But first, the guest list must be compiled -- and it may not include a cast member who was at the couple's Hills wedding in 2008 (flashback to Season 5!).

"Cheers to my friend Brody, who will not be invited to the vow renewal elite party in Santa Barbara," Spencer exclaimed at his bachelor party to Frankie, Justin Bobby, Brandon and more of his guy friends about his frenemy.

Spencer went on to explain that Brody needed to apologize to Stephanie for the off-camera fight between his sister/frenemy following her on-camera comments about the recent Malibu fires. But even so, conversations between Frankie and Brody -- as well as Brody and Brandon -- didn't yield any sort of progress on that front.

"I talked to Brody. I said, 'Dude, every second you're prolonging the situation, you're ruining a relationship with Spencer,'" Brandon elaborated. "'You're ruining a relationship with everybody.'"

We don't know Brody's side of the story, and it's unclear if he would even attend the 10-years-in-the-making bash if given the chance. But should Spencer let bygones be bygones and welcome him to the celebration? Or should he follow Brody's lead of not extending an olive branch to the Pratts at recent Jenner-focused events, like the Sin City trip and Kaitlynn's gala? Give your opinion, then keep watching The Hills: New Beginnings when it returns on Monday, September 2 at 10/9c.