Future Retreats To The Tropics For Epic Vacation Celebration In 'Please Tell Me'

From his 'Save Me' EP that dropped in June

Future is back with a new video for "Please Tell Me" that's relaxing and provocative, with a sprinkle of luxury. Get ready for sunbathed locales, at least four different kinds of tropical trees, and distracting photo filters and angles that'll have your eyes bouncing around to each corner of the screen like you're playing Brickbreaker. This is one vacation that you'll want to replicate.

Future takes us into his traveling lifestyle with "Please Tell Me," showing the camera the beautiful women that he likes to spend leisurely time with in undisclosed countries at secret mansions. There's some dancing involved, as well as some board games and sunbathing. But what really permeates the visual is a feeling of otherworldliness. At times, it's blurry; at other times, it's hit with retro filters that make it feel utterly timeless. Through the relaxing visual, still frames of vacation snapshots are shown. Future wants you to know that he has a lot of fun. We can definitely see that.

"Please Tell Me" appears on his recently released EP Save Me that dropped in June. Its video follows the previously shared visuals for "Government Official," Xanax Damage," "Love Thy Enemies," and "St. Lucia."

Watch Future enjoy his vacation in "Please Me" up above.