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Taylor Swift Thinks Those 'Drunk Taylor' Memes Are Just As Funny As You Do

If this is Drunk Taylor, she should never 'calm down'

Taylor Swift was feeling herself at her Los Angeles party on Saturday night (August 10), and the entire world was grooving along with her.

More importantly, her party was the birthplace of the now-infamous "Drunk Taylor" meme, and the world has been laughing alongside her ever since we got a glimpse of her celebrating her cast, crew, and music videos. The best part? As it turns out, Taylor thought it was all just as amusing as we did.

The songstress posted a few snaps from the party on Instagram along with a caption that cemented how much fun she was having.

"Threw a party to celebrate with the people who made the ME! & YNTCD videos with me- and we had so much fun that 'Drunk Taylor' is trending on Twitter. CHEERS," she wrote. Yes, girl, get that relaxation time in!

Swift hung out with friends in celebration of her 10 (!!) VMA nominations, bringing together guests like Laverne Cox, Hayley Kiyoko, and A'keria Davenport, who brought us the lovely snaps of Taylor that quickly turned into the "Drunk Taylor" meme.

Taylor was recorded dancing along to her own song while tousling her hair and really getting into it, eventually settling down onto a couch. The "You Need to Calm Down" singer seemed pretty tipsy, but she's has yet to comment on whether she actually was or not. Either way, it was still hilarious.

And everyone else thought so, too, because this clip was immediately the meme heard 'round the internet, as fans couldn't get enough of Taylor's hilarious "drunk-or-is-she?" dance.

We can't decide what's better: the hundreds of memes still being paraded around social media, or the fact that Taylor has probably been looking at every single one of them. There you have it. Taylor, queen of bops, is also the queen of memes. We have no choice but to stan.