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BROCKHAMPTON Conquer A World Of Blue People And Giant Tubas In 'If You Pray Right'

Is this the long-awaited sequel to 'Avatar'?

BROCKHAMPTON are back with another intentionally mysterious video for "If You Pray Right" that'll throw you for a loop. Featuring blue-skinned people like James Cameron's 2009 film Avatar, towering tubas, and platinum jumpsuits, it's the kind of hair-raising affair that we've come to expect from the eclectic minds of the internet's hottest boy band. Did they colonize a new planet to make the video for "If You Pray Right?" We'll never know, and that's OK.

There's no rhyme or reason to "If You Pray Right"'s madness; it simply is. There's a vast, open, and decidedly alien field where its members frolic as they rap. Inexplicably with them, is a group of five band members, dancing while they simulate the track's many instruments. Kevin Abstract, Dom McLennon, Joba, and more all adorn silver suits and make movements as creepy as the Avatar-like people who soon join in with them. None of it makes sense but it's something you can't tear yourself away from.

"If You Pray Right" is the second single from BROCKHAMPTON's forthcoming album, Ginger,  set to release this month. It follows the vertigo-inducing video for "I Been Born Again" that came out earlier this month. Their last studio album, Iridescence, came out in 2018.

Watch BROCKHAMPTON's slightly creepy video for "If You Pray Right" above.