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King Princess Slings Touchdowns And Is A Carnivorous Cake In 'Prophet' Video

After becoming a quarterback, singer, and construction worker, her lover bakes her into a dessert

Blueberry 17! MTV 22! Hut! Hut! Hut! King Princess is a football player, a construction worker, and a cake in her new video for "Prophet."

It's a wild ride that follows her journey to woo a beautiful woman who keeps popping up wherever she goes, culminating in a wild scene that you simply won't see coming. You may never look at a birthday cake the same way.

King Princess kicks things off as the quarterback of a high school football team. She's the star player who comes on the field last with her curly hair flowing. She has eyes for no one but the woman in the stands with the camera, watching her every move. Before she can score, King Princess becomes a blazer-wearing singer at a gentleman's club where, inexplicably, there's a man with a rabbit face. As she performs, this same woman, who's a chef at the new establishment, locks eyes with her. It drives King Princess crazy.

After switching professions again and becoming the leader of a construction worker group shoveling sugar in their mouths, we see King Princess's prospective lover making a new dish, smiling at the contents of a baking sheet as it goes in the oven. When it comes out, the delicious treat is then seen to be King Princess as a cake.

Yes, King Princess becomes an edible arrangement on a table where people take turns pressing steak knives into her vanilla icing. She looks disturbed as the woman that she loves cuts pieces of her cake and shares it with everyone else, eagerly eating the soft skin-like dough. Importantly, King Princess even eats a piece of herself. It ends on this absurd note, with King Princess simply looking into the camera, flabbergasted.

"Prophet" is the latest single from King Princess's forthcoming debut album, Cheap Queen, set to drop this fall. In May, she released the video for the title track.

Watch King Princess get baked into a cake up above.