Hills Connection: Should Audrina And Ryan Finally DTR?

It's true -- Ryan Cabrera is back on the scene

Audrina's last Hills appearance with then-boyfriend Ryan Cabrera wasn't jovial because she was telling him she was "done" with their romance (we've heard that word before with her beaus). Nearly 10 years later, the two enjoyed a new beginning on tonight's episode -- with a harmonica and guitar duet.

Well, there's more than just the "nutty" musical moment. Fresh off Audrina's friendship-ending showdown with Justin Bobby, the single mom revealed to Mischa that Ryan would be joining them (as well as some of her other pals) for a boat ride.

"He's someone that I care about. We always hang out and there's no label or anything," Audrina told Mischa, after the former inquired about their bond and before the singer/songwriter arrived. "We really enjoy each other."

When they got on board, the good times continued to flow for Audrina and Ryan -- even though their relationship wasn't really discussed in front of the boat crew. But Mischa had her own sentiment about the pair.

"I definitely think Audrina does have a bit of a crazy connection with Ryan," she stated in her confessional. "They've known each other for a very long time, but he still seems intent on being kind to her and making her smile and making her laugh. Ryan and Justin couldn't be more different. Ryan is the total opposite (almost)."

Which leads us to -- the entire group at Kaitlynn's black-tie gala. And Audrina bringing Ryan to the snazzy soirée. The two didn't interface with Justin and his new Friendsgiving lady Lindsey, but Justin wasn't surprised to see Audrina with Ryan.

"Audrina always goes back to what's comfortable or what doesn't work for her," the rocker said.

Ultimately, it's up to Audrina and Ryan to decide what works best for them. But do you think they should DTR? They will undoubtedly be asked given their history (Mischa did wonder what was "up" between the two) -- plus they're on The Hills (!!!). Or should they leave their connection as is? It's lasted since 2002, so they must be doing something right. One thing is for sure: He isn't feeling 40 kinds of sadness when he's around Audrina.

Tell us what you think, then be sure to watch Drina (and possibly Ryan!) every Monday on The Hills: New Beginnings at 10/9c.