Meeting Mom: Should Brandon Introduce His Hills Girl To Pamela Anderson?

She's already talking marriage -- Pam, that is

Brandon expressed to Brody that he was on "the hunt" for some female companionship -- and shortly after meeting a girl named Ashley while out with friends, the two are exclusively dating. So should he introduce his new love interest to his mother Pamela Anderson?

Rewinding for a beat before we address the Baywatch starlet's role (heh) in all of this: During this week's Hills episode, Brandon and Ashley addressed that they had been spending "a lot of hours together" and discussed their relationship status.

"I'm not really seeing anybody right now -- it's just been you," he confessed as they noshed on some breakfast (avocado toast, prepared by her and "made with love"). "And I'm comfortable with that."

And she was too, affirming that this was a "normal conversation" that they needed to have (giggles aside). With that, the pair was exclusive.

Which brings us to the the actress interacting with Ashley: Pamela was visiting her son (she currently lives in France, having relocated after Trump was elected President), and Brandon took the opportunity to tell her about his new love interest (after she ripped him for not shaving). She swiftly asked what every mother would pose right out of the gate: "Am I going to meet this girl?"

Brandon wasn't ready to bite quite yet, insisting that a get-together was not on the agenda for this visit. And that's when "the biggest romantic ever" (Brandon's way of describing his mother) dropped what every kid has heard at some point in their life.

"You are 22 -- you should be thinking about marriage," she told her boy. After all, Pamela got hitched to Brandon's father Tommy Lee after only knowing him for four days.

Brandon's reply? "You're out of your mind."

Nuptials aside, should Brandon introduce Ashley to his mom? Brandon and Ashley's courtship has been brief, but they were quick to confirm that they didn't want to see other people. But on the other hand, Pamela does reside in Europe, and Los Angeles isn't exactly around the corner. Give your take, then keep watching Brandon every Monday on The Hills: New Beginnings at 10/9c.