Challenge Relationship Test: Were Jordan And Tori Hesitant To Blend Their Professional And Personal Lives?

The two are competing on the hit series as a real-life couple for the very first time

Two years ago, Tori and Jordan forged their Challenge bond: She was an Are You the One? export with a lot of potential, while the Battle of the Exes 2 champ was attempting to pick up his second W. The two became friendly throughout the course of Dirty XXX, even though she was in a relationship with fellow AYTO contestant Derrick. But after the competitors finished the final (he was first; she claimed third), they hooked up shortly after they returned to the United States. And while they weren't sure at the reunion what their relationship was (relive it below), they are now in a happy, committed relationship and are engaged. Oh, and ready for War of the Worlds 2.

But entering the MTV game, did the couple have hesitations about returning to this unparalleled atmosphere as a unit (Vendettas Mercenary stint aside)?

"Definitely," Tori told MTV News, without an ounce of hesitation. "You know exactly what kind of people are playing this game, and you know exactly what kind of girls are on The Challenge. I think people will attack your real life to mess you up and get your head off in the game. There's not a profound couple that excels in The Challenge. It's a gamble."

Jordan wholeheartedly agreed with his love.

"I think that a Challenge house is the most stressful place for a relationship," the Real World alum said. "There are people there to get on your nerves, or there are going to be a bunch of women walking around in damn near no clothes. Or people who want to get in on your alliance, or they just hate you so much that they want to unveil your alliance. Whatever it is, spite always wins in The Challenge. And if you can come in to a Challenge house with love and leave a Challenge house with more love than what you came with, you have succeeded beyond measure."

As for game play, who is the more strategic player?

"Jordan," Tori flat-out stated. "He's got way bigger balls than I do. It's nice to ride behind him and see how he plays. Also, he's won before and I haven't won any, so when it comes to playing smart, I wanted to play the way he plays, because I wanted to get a win."

However, Jordan didn't answer so definitively.

"This is a tough one. Tori can be very strategic because she needs to be," he explained. "Tori is so good at the social game that being strategic kind of comes to her. And then there's other times that my competitiveness will blind my ability to be as strategic because I'll just be like, 'Well, screw them! Screw everything that they're saying -- we'll just beat 'em and this is how we will overcome!' And sometimes, you can't just overpower people and do what you want."

Do you think Tori and Jordan will perform well under the inevitable pressure? And how do you think their dynamics will be tested? Tell us your thoughts, then don't miss them -- and the rest of Team U.S. and Team U.K. -- when War of the Worlds 2 premieres on Wednesday, August 28 at 9/8c!