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Kash Doll And Big Sean Scorch Fresh Pavement At The Race Track In 'Ready Set'

Kash Doll zooms around the track in a thrilling race

Kash Doll and Big Sean first connected on the steamy sex anthem "So Good" from Big Sean's 2017 project Double Or Nothing, a collaboration with producer Metro Boomin. The chemistry was instantaneous and practically promised further team-ups in the future. The pair linked up again for "Ready Set," a competitive and celebratory tune, that dropped in July.

Now, they've released the mechanical video for the track that makes you rev up your engine as cars zoom by and a raceway gets littered in burnt rubber. They may not be NASCAR drivers, but Kash Doll and Big Sean have a need for speed that can only be satiated by zipping around a giant circle made of pavement.

Big Sean is the person who sends the racers off to begin their journey in "Ready Set." While a car zooms around him, he waves his arms as if releasing it while he raps. Kash Doll comes in later and is shown to be driving a car like a bat out of hell, her foot to the floor as the car zooms around the track. She's trying make it to the top before time gets the best of her.

After winning, she sits in the stands with Big Sean and Dreezy, relaxing and having a moment to herself. With the levels of success that Kash Doll has been rapidly climbing in recent years, it's safe to say that she is indeed beating time. She's lapping it.

Kash Doll is preparing to release a new project. Prior to releasing "Ready Set," she released a collaboration with Lil Wayne called "Kitten."

Watch Kash Doll and Big Sean spread tire tracks over a raceway in "Ready Set" up above.