How Do Joss And Theo Plan To Turn Challenge Losses Into A War Of The Worlds 2 Victory?

Their road to #1 will begin on August 28

Joss and Theo share something in common (besides the obvious -- they're British): The dominant competitors are entering War of the Worlds 2 as recent Challenge silver medalists -- Joss and his partner Sylvia narrowly missed the Final Reckoning $1 million prize, while Theo could not outperform Turbo in his War of the Worlds debut.

But now, the Ex on the Beach veteran and the Love Island alum are hungry for better results as members of Team U.K. on War of the Worlds 2 (debuting on August 28). So what are the two doing differently during Season 34 to land that supreme top spot? First up, the Season 33 rookie's take.

"I'm going to have to work my ass off and absolutely kill it, because I know for a fact -- it's unspoken, but everyone thinks I'm the best," Theo recently told MTV News. "They don't want to see me in a final because I do turn up at challenges. And in athletics -- that's where I come from -- you can really put your best foot forward in the finals. It's so much money, and there's been a lot of hard times for me. And it's an opportunity, and I'm going to put everything I have physically and mentally. But it's going to be a massive climb up a rocky hill to get there, because I already know word on the street is to get me out."

For Joss, it's about shifting his entire strategy.

"I have to be a lot more selfish, I guess, doing more for me and not pleasing everyone else," he explained. "I have to play my own game, which is totally different to the way I usually play. I'm usually more go-with-the-flow and trying to please people, but now I'm confident in my abilities, so [I'm] just doing me, basically."

Will the two get atop the podium this go-around? Or will they swallow another defeat? Watch Joss and Theo -- as well as their British counterparts and Team U.S. -- every Wednesday on War of the Worlds 2 at 9/8c!