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Ed Sheeran Mourns The Loss Of His Kitten Graham

'We are going miss you so much'

It hasn't been a great few weeks when it comes to celebrities saying goodbye to their favorite pets.

Just a week or so following a "freak accident" that claimed the life of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Alaskan Klee Kai puppy Waldo Picasso, Ed Sheeran has found himself being forced to say goodbye to a dear furry friend.

The singer-songwriter took to Instagram with a photo of his furry friend Graham standing on one of his guitars, paired with a simple broken-heart emoji. You may want to grab some tissues. It's tough to look at.

Liberty Shaw, the partner of Ed Sheeran's manager Stuart Shaw, has a lengthier caption to share about the beloved little kitten.

"Our lovely little bud Baby Ba Boo aka Graham the Kitten passed away last night after being hit by a car," Liberty wrote alongside a black-and-white photo of Graham's furry feet poking out from a blanket. "We are absolutely heartbroken. He was such a dude. Funny and clever and best mates with a massive German Shepherd. We are going miss you so much. Thanks for all the fun. #Babybaboo."

Previously, Sheeran had mentioned his manager often watched his cats while he was on tour or performing. It's unclear whether Graham was in the care of Shaw or his partner when he was struck by a car and killed, nor what the specifics surrounding the incident are at this time.

But it's never fun to have to say goodbye to your best friend, whether furry or otherwise, and as with Joe and Sophie's precious boy Waldo Picasso, our hearts go out to you, Ed. We know Graham is snacking on tons of kitty treats and hanging out with all the good boys and girls in pet heaven, and you undoubtedly made his short life better while he was alive.