Nasty Cherry's 'Live Forever' Video Is An Infectious Slice Of Big Webcam Energy

Charli XCX's faves are back with a surging new single

Cherry Pits, your wait is over.

Since debuting earlier this year with the sleek, '80s-inspired mini-anthem "Win" and the more contemplative ballad "What Do You Like in Me," Nasty Cherry have been hard at work. The hybrid British-American band began after some behind-the-scenes matchmaking by Charli XCX (who co-wrote "Win" and co-directed the video) and their music does retain a sonic similarity to some of Charli's early 2010s work on True Romance.

But as their latest single proves, the quartet are making music all their own. On Friday (August 9), Nasty Cherry returned with the glossy, surging "Live Forever," which also credits Charli as co-writer and Justin Raisen as producer. They also dropped a new video that they shot themselves. Big 2005 webcam energy incoming.

The self-shot visual is heavy on joy, a fitting complement to the song itself. It centers around the quartet — Gabby on vocals, Debbie on drums, Georgia on bass, and Chloe on guitar — hanging out, giving each other Nasty Cherry tattoos, and hitting the arcade. When they come together to sing the chorus, the camera positioning and infectious attitude they emit radiates the early days of webcam-assisted YouTube uploads. It's really nice.

In June, Nasty Cherry ran through "Live Forever" as a blazing set highlight at their Brooklyn show after an equally animated cover of '60s bubblegum-pop classic "I Want Candy." It's all part of the patchwork of the band itself.

Though their logistics are still tricky, as Debbie and Georgie live in London while Gabby and Chloe reside in L.A., in July, the four were back together writing again, as they posted on Instagram. When they next find themselves on the same continent, let's hope they're working toward cranking out more jams like this one.

Blast "Live Forever" loudly via the new black-and-white video above.