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Surprise! Pitbull's '3 To Tango' Video Stars A Bald, Dancing John Travolta

Mr. Worldwide is ready for a 'love fest'

Just a few months after the release of "No Lo Trates" with Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha, Pitbull is back at it with a simple math equation that might not check out on paper, but that does check out in all of his sexual fantasies. "3 to Tango" has all the trappings of a Pitbull club banger — sexy and suggestive lyrics, a beat that pays homage to his Latinx roots, and of course, a proud proclamation that Mr. Worldwide is officially back on his bullshit.

Inevitably, the music video is just as provocative as the song itself, as it opens with a seasoned tango dancer performing her sultry moves in an empty bar as a bald, suited-up man looks on. "I like her, she likes her, we gon' have a love fest / One, two, tres, ménage à trois, let's get down to business," Pitbull sings, not-so-subtly revealing plans for a threesome later on in the night. The sexual tension in the room builds when two additional scantily clad dancers join in, giving life to the lyrics "it takes three to tango."

From there, the video takes quite an unexpected turn. After a lineup of women outfitted in lace lingerie do everything from chair dances to high kicks and splits, the video takes us back to the bar where it's ultimately revealed that the bald man observing the three tango dancers is none other than — wait for it — known Pitbull pal John Travolta. The actor then shows off his own tango skills, switching between the ladies before putting on sunglasses and hitting us with Pit's signature "dale." End scene.

Hopefully, "3 to Tango" is just the start of what will be a long list of sexy dance hits from Mr. 305 himself. After all, it's been two whole years since the release of Climate Change, and we think we can all agree that nightclubs around the world could use a resurgence of the sexual energy that only Pitbull can provide. Don't you?

Watch the spicy video for "3 to Tango" — which also hits mtvU and MTV Live today — up above.