Surprise News: How Ryan And Mackenzie Revealed They're Having Another Teen Mom OG Baby

Jen and Larry had quite the reaction to the life-changing news

Ryan asked Mackenzie about having more kids during their delayed honeymoon on a recent Teen Mom OG episode -- and she responded with a simple "I don't know." But shortly after the duo returned from the trip, they dropped some big news about said subject.

"Mack went to the doctor, and she's pregnant," Ryan told his parents Jen and Larry during the season finale. Cue Jen's priceless reaction to her grandchild-on-the-way, with a big "what?!"

More details: The doctors "think" it's a girl, and Mackenzie's already three months along. And when Jen stated, "I thought y'all were done?" the couple confirmed that they thought they were too (remember Ryan's "accidents do happen" comment?).

"Next week, I was going for a consultation to have my tubes tied," Mackenzie confessed. "I was late twice."

The interesting irony: Maci and Taylor opted to wait on a vasectomy, but she concluded she would not be having any more children.

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