Should Justin Bobby Have Brought A Date To The Hills Friendsgiving?

He arrived with pie -- oh, and a girl named Lindsey

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks -- and for Justin Bobby, a Hills Friendsgiving celebration was the perfect place to express gratitude for a lady in his life. And her name was not Audrina. But was this intimate gathering, hosted by the Delgados, the best place for this type of introduction to the MTV group?

During tonight's New Beginnings, the rocker -- who had mutually ended his friendship with the single mom the week prior -- decided to bring pie a new gal named Lindsey to the November affair. Drina's take?

"Seriously, are you kidding me?" she asked in an interview. "I feel like [he's] trying to make a statement to all of us. Like he's done with me, like moving on. And he's trying to make it loud and clear."

At the dinner, Audrina was completely cordial: She gave Lindsay a sweet "nice to meet you" with an accompanying smile -- and completely ignored Justin.

Some relationship context: Justin and Lindsay "met" on Instagram, and they're just getting to know each other. Lindsey's opinion of Audrina?

"She seems really nice," she offered to Spencer, after he asked Lindsey how Audrina was treating her.

"I'm just curious if she's uncomfortable with you being here with Justin," Spencer stated, while Lindsey responded with, "It didn't seem like it."

But Spencer had a valid point: Audrina did leave the table to chat with the girls in the kitchen (and Jen's mashed potatoes) shortly after the pair arrived. And while Mischa didn't think she would have taken Justin's gesture "so well" and would be "pissed," Stephanie had a much more joyful reaction behind the scenes.

"Thanksgiving, you really are officially still my number-one favorite holiday," she revealed. "Audrina, hello!"

So was this environment a good beginning for Justin and Lindsey's relationship with the group? Was it best to have this type of scenario in a quiet, intimate setting -- or would a different locale (like Hyde) have been a better fit? Sound off and give your predictions about Justin's new romance, then keep watching The Hills: New Beginnings every Monday at 10/9c!