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Big Sean Is OK With A Relationship Ending In New Song With Jhene Aiko

Ty Dolla $ign offers some smooth supporting vocals

Big Sean is clearing his consciousness through his new music. By getting out everything that's been pent up over the course of his brief break, he says he's making the best music of his life. His latest song, "Single Again," is the latest taste of his new reality, as he speaks about his past relationships and being better off by himself. Interestingly, it features his ex-flame, Jhene Aiko. Ty Dolla $ign also makes an appearance.

"Single Again" isn't a triumphant celebration of breaking up like Trina's 2007 song of the same name. Instead, it turns the lens inward, seeking ways to grow from the experience. "Blaming you is just so easy / But maybe the problem's me," he raps on the chorus, later saying "Maybe I should spend this time on me." It's a markedly different experience than his 2014 breakup anthem, "I Don't Fuck With You" that featured E-40. This go around, you can hear him in the mirror, frantically searching for why he keeps ending up like this. "Maybe 'cause my mama never worked it out with my dad / Maybe because she had insecurities and she had them bad / Maybe 'cause single parent love was all I ever had," he spits, wounded. Jhene Aiko comes in and offers warm supporting vocals that seem to suggest that, if the song's about their previous relationship, she understands the situation. Later, Ty Dolla $ign also adds touching flourishes to the somewhat somber and mellow tune. Everything's going to be okay for Big Sean.

Big Sean also released "Overtime" earlier this week. The song covers Sean's break and the fact that he "broke" mentally, having to rebuild his psyche with professional help before setting foot in the studio again. Now that he's back with two gigantic releases, it looks like his break has done him wonders.

Listen to "Single Again" up above.