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Will Smith Continues To Look Flawlessly De-Aged In New Gemini Man Footage

His own worst enemy

It's Will Smith vs. Will Smith in the latest footage for Gemini Man, and we've got a bead for who'll emerge victorious.

Will Smith, of course. And he continues to look absolutely fantastic as a clone of his own 23-year-old self, who's been tasked with ending his life. So, yeah, that's not uncomfortable or awkward at all.

Smith has to deal with coming face to face with himself (without even realizing it at first) as well as the fact that he just isn't as good as he once was. His younger self is faster, stronger, more coordinated – and that means he's got to step his game up if he ever wants to get to the bottom of what's going on and who's behind this situation. Obviously, whoever it is, they want him out of the picture, and they'll stoop to just about any level to seal the deal.

Our initial look at the de-aged Smith brought to us by ridiculously powerful computing was impressive, but now that this new footage gives us more time to pore over his "double," we can see how realistic the effect truly is. We're not entirely convinced just yet that Will didn't time-travel to the past, snag his younger self out of the blue, and drag him back to shoot this movie. It looks that good.

Smith will be fighting with himself alongside actors like Clive OwenMary Elizabeth Winstead, and Benedict Wong in the upcoming movie, with director Ang Lee taking the reins. Gemini Man first debuted at CinemaCon earlier this year, wowing attendees with Smith's digital de-aging. Even Smith himself, veteran of both the small and big screen, seemed impressed with what the team was able to accomplish.

Gemini Man will bring double trouble to theaters starting October 11.