(Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Remy Martin)

Big Sean Is A Returning Champion Hungry For Another Ring On 'Overtime'

This sounds like the victory song of the summer

Rappers often deliver curated stories of their life to the masses, glossing over the most personal details of real life in favor of Instagram influencer-like chicness. What has separated Big Sean from the majority is that he's never shied away from delivering both the high points of his career and the lower ones. Just earlier this year, he revealed to fans that, thanks to therapy, he was making "the best music of my life."

Now, we finally get to hear it. On Wednesday (July 24), Big Sean released a Herculean new song, "Overtime," that's about these highs and lows and everything in between, catching fans up to speed with exactly where he is and where he plans to go.

"Overtime" sounds like the grand celebration following a hard-fought victory, with loud, shrill horns and energetic, thumping production that simulates growing excitement. To this backdrop, Sean shreds the beat with witty punchlines about where he's come from, what he deserves, and how he plans to get it. He takes it seriously on multiple occasions, revealing the circumstances of his brief period away from the microphone.

"Broke my heart, broke my soul, don't cry for me though / If you don't break nothing down then it's no room to grow," he raps. It's a grand return to form that shows that "Overtime" for him is really a victory — a physical one and a mental one.

Big Sean's last project was 2017's Double Or Nothing with Metro Boomin. Since then, he's been largely absent to the public's eye following the cancellation of last year's Unfriendly Reminder tour with Playboi Carti. With his break now over, it looks like we can look forward to a new project coming soon.

Listen to "Overtime" up above.