Teen Mom OG Decisions: Should Maci Have Let Ryan Have More QT With Bentley?

After all of her ex's problems, she didn't soften -- even on Father's Day

Ryan hasn’t had much face-to-face time with his son Bentley as of late on Teen Mom OG, mainly because Maci has been hesitant to let her boy spend time with his dad after his recent run-ins with the law. But would her views change on Father’s Day?

On this week’s episode, the McKinney and Edwards crews were gearing up (separately) for the holiday weekend, which involved going to Atlanta for Bentley’s baseball tournament. When a producer asked Maci if she would let the Edwards family take Bentley for the tail end of Sunday if they asked -- even though nobody had brought it up with her in advance -- she wasn’t too keen on the idea.

“I’m not going to make life harder on my family because you didn’t reach out [earlier],” she said. "If he had reached out two weeks ago [and asked for Bentley to stay over], that would be one thing. Text me on Friday when we’re two-and-a-half hours away from home? No. Not doing it.”

Maci wasn’t even too optimistic that her ex, whom she still had a restraining order against, would show up to the game at all, since, as she said, “[Bentley] is used to him not being there.”

After the tournament, Maci revealed in a voiceover that Jen did, in fact, ask her if they could take Bentley home with them—and Ryan showed up to the game, by the way—but Maci had to say no since Benny had to play another baseball tournament, followed by a golf game in Cleveland.

Though Mackenzie seemed annoyed afterward that Ryan didn’t get alone time with his son on Father’s Day, Ryan didn’t let it get to him and instead focused on the fact that he got to see Bentley at all.

But should Maci have let Ryan and his parents spend more time with Bentley on Father’s Day? Were the extra games just an excuse as to why they couldn’t see him? Tell us your thoughts, then keep watching Teen Mom OG Mondays at 9/8c.