Back to Square One: Can Teen Mom OG's Mackenzie Ever Trust Josh Again?

The 'guest mom' and her man are traveling another rocky road in their marriage

Mackenzie and Josh have endured plenty of "rocky roads" (Josh's dad's description of the longtime couple). We’d say the same, considering these two have admittedly been unfaithful to each other and broken up numerous times since we met them on 16 & Pregnant. But unfortunately, even though they’re now “rock solid,” this duo is still confronting the same trust issues they’ve always had.

Part of the problem, as we learned on tonight’s Teen Mom OG episode, was that Josh was pursuing rodeo full-time, which took him out on the road and away from his family a lot. While he was away, Mackenzie received a text from Josh’s “traveling partner’s” wife saying the partner was hitting on girls at a bar, and Josh had accompanied him there—Mackenzie didn’t even know he was at a bar, nevermind talking to other women.

“We haven’t dealt with crap like this in so long. It was so good,” she told a pal. “We are rock solid now. That’s why this hurts more than anytime in the past. I’m already worrying in my head, is he even who I think he is? Is he one percent of who I think he is?”

Not satisfied with learning this information merely through hearsay, Mack confronted her hubby about the incident when he returned home.

“There was no affection or anything like that,” Josh said, saying he just had some beers and talked with the ladies. “I was just scared to tell you that I was at a bar. I want you to trust me if I was going to have a few drinks.”

Mackenzie’s response? “It’s not even about what you did -- it’s how I found out. You would never cheat on me, would you? You realize what we have here? Do you realize how special this is? For me, nothing would be worth ruining our marriage.”

What was most troubling, though, was that Josh said he “didn’t know” if he would tell his wife moving forward if he was going out to bars or parties.

“I cannot live with you on that answer,” she said. “I can’t.”

But will Mackenzie and Josh get over their trust issues like they have time and time again? How will Josh's new career impact their marriage? Tell us your thoughts, then keep watching Mackenzie and her family on Teen Mom OG Mondays at 9/8c.