Bishop Briggs Is A Shaved-Head Badass Warrior In Galvanizing 'Champion' Video

She juices lots of the dudes in the face

On her 2016 single "River," Bishop Briggs reached deep into herself, both in the song's lyrics and via her throaty delivery, to invoke both nature and desire in a potent cocktail. "There's an implication of a sexual undertone, but it was more about empowerment," Briggs told MTV News in a 2018 interview. "It was more about facing your demons and facing things that are limiting you to your full potential and facing it head on."

If "River" was a rallying cry to stand down whatever manipulative angst rolls your way, her latest video for "Champion" makes that empowerment explicit — namely by allowing Briggs to absolutely juice a bunch of dudes in the face.

It's unclear precisely why, but Briggs is on a Kill Bill-style mission of vengeance here. She even appears as a would-be bride in a desert church and everything. But for most of the clip, Briggs is a militant avenger — shaved head, tank top, can't lose — out for revenge. She slugs a few guys with a metal briefcase outside a biker bar, then enters and decimates a few more, leaving one intact to retrieve from him something to put inside the attaché: a heart? Symbolism, man.

"I'm a champion," Briggs sings on the shout-along chorus. By the time you reach the end of this new visual — directed by Tim Mattia — you believe her (if you didn't before). And if you still don't, "Champion" is also billed as the first part of what looks like a saga, so there's still plenty of time for her to change her mind. Stay tuned to see what happens next, and likely what happened before.

Watch the bruising "Champion" video above, and catch it airing today on MTV Live and mtvU.