'It's Toxic': Who Was The First To Be Voted Off Ex On The Beach (And Clearly Doesn't Mind)?

The ousted contestant plans to 'close the door completely on this'

Elena uttered that she didn't think she would be on the beach "for long." And the Big Brother alum was absolutely correct about her stint on the relationsh*t show.

During tonight's brand-new Ex on the Beach episode, Elena -- who shocked her former boyfriend Mark last week -- was ousted in the first Cut ceremony. And it happened after she made out with Mark in the hot tub (it was a dare) and then had a late-night rendezvous with him in the loo (definitely not a dare).

"Me and Mark totally had sex in the bathroom -- twice," she revealed. "Obviously, he still loves me."

The morning after (their interaction wasn't awkward at all or anything -- yes, of course it was), the two headed to the Shack of Secrets and were faced with a message from Kirstie, aka the girl Mark met on Tinder. And yeah, shocker, Kirstie said Mark had feelings for her.

"Mark and I really had a connection. The third time we hung out, we ended up having sex," Kirstie said in a video. "And Mark proceeded to tell me that he did love me, and he could not believe he had fallen for someone so fast."

And just like magic, Kirstie appeared in the flesh to let Elena know the truth. But Elena didn't care about what she had to say.

"If you want to hit the hard farmer's door here and peace out, you make no bearing on my life," Elena yelled.

Mark and Kirstie proceeded to have a bit of a brief back-and-forth about the "I love you" detail before she vanished into the sunset. At least Elena had her "bottle of champers"?

"I want to get her out of the f*cking house tomorrow," Mark told everyone post-SOS. "F*ck her."

And he was successful. Operation free Mark!

"It's hard to imagine my life without Mark, but the way that [he] re-entered my life and re-entered my vagina and then disrespected me...it's very toxic," Elena stated after the 2-1 decision. "I deserve something better than that, and obviously he feels like he deserves someone better than me. I need to close the door completely on this."

For his part, Mark told Elana, "I'm always going to love you -- I'm just not in love with you."

What did you think of Elena's early eviction exit? And will Mark actually be able to move on from her and find a showmance love with someone else (*ahem* Aubrey)? Keep watching Ex on the Beach every Tuesday at 8/7c!