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Cardi B Explains Why Not Going On Tour Makes Her More Money

'I loveeeee money and I know how to make it'

Confused about why Cardi B isn't embarking on a tour of her own this summer? You're not alone. But after getting bombarded with questions about whether she's planning a formal tour or not, the rapper took to Instagram on Thursday night (July 11) to explain that — plain and simple — she makes more money in the festival circuit. So please, stop asking.

Along with a spreadsheet that broke down all the money she's guaranteed to earn this summer from festivals and one-off concert gigs, Cardi explained why a tour of her own would ultimately put much less money in her pocket. "I find it so funny that people that ARE NOT FANS have the biggest concerns on why haven't I done a tour," she wrote in the now-deleted Instagram post, according to Just Jared. "Welp because here you go, let me break it down for you, let's say if I go on tour and I do 600K a night right… sounds good but let's get in the touring business shall we? Stage production gotta be massive since the fans pay massive so just on stage and production I will have to put about 450K maybe more a night since you know Bardigang deserve everything."

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Cardi also explained that there are other things, aside from production, that would cost her additional money if she were to go on tour. In fact, after dishing out cash for outfits, makeup, and hair, she said she'd only be "left with like 150k a night." And while that might not sound too shabby to us common folk, the spreadsheet she shared proves her math to be correct — performing at festivals guarantees a way bigger payout. Combined, she stands to earn roughly $10 million from June to August, which is pretty incredible.

Clearly, Cardi knows exactly what she's doing by not going on her own tour, and the way she sees it, this summer's festival circuit is pretty much a no-brainer. "Now why would I do that now when I can go on tour on my second album while I get festival and independent Cardi concerts," she added. "Money??? Mhhhhhmmmmmm… You see ya might think I'm dumb cause my attitude or the way I think but one thing bout Bardi I loveeeee money and I know how to make it …I hope I answer ya question …Thank you. Just stop it already." Well, there you have it, folks.