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Miley Cyrus Calls The Industry Dark, Saying Her Black Mirror Episode Is Based On Her

'At times, I’ve definitely felt like Ashley O'

If you thought the Black Mirror episode "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too" starring Miley Cyrus as pop star Ashley O hit a little too close to home for the singer, you were definitely on to something.

In a new interview with Elle, Cyrus discussed a myriad of topics with the publication, opening up about her marriage to Liam Hemsworth, her thoughts on karma, and the moment she knew she wanted to break away from being Hannah Montana.

But one particularly curious segment from the interview was when Miley touched on her thoughts on the Black Mirror episode that caught on like wildfire. In response to the notion that she should never have to say no because she's a woman in the music industry, Miley noted that her new music is "definitely telling that story," as is her Black Mirror episode.

"The character is me," she said. "They twisted it up the way they always do, but the industry is already pretty dark. And at times, I’ve definitely felt like Ashley O. I still do. Making this record, I felt like Ashley O at times." Black Mirror creator and co-showrunner Charlie Brooker sought Miley out for the role, according to Cyrus.

"They gave me the script and were like, 'Let us know if you’re interested.' And I read it and was like, 'It’s not even if I’m interested or not. It’s just that no one else can play this because this is my life. Like, you just took my life."

In the same interview, the former Disney star touched on her iconic role as Hannah Montana, recalling the exact moment she knew she couldn't play the part anymore. She knew she wanted to break out of the old once she turned 18 because "it felt ridiculous."

"The minute I had sex, I was kind of like, I can’t put the fucking wig on again. It got weird," she said. "I was grown up."

Cyrus went on to discuss how, at this point in her life, she's feels the "most powerful" she's ever felt, noting that she likes the way being sexual makes her feel, but that she's "never performing for men."

It's an eye-opening interview, but the bits about her experience in the industry mirroring the harrowing events that Ashley O faced in the Black Mirror episode are disturbing, to be sure. It goes to show there's always more than what meets the eye when it comes to series like these, and hopefully Miley can continue spreading positivity to combat the negative vibes she believes the entertainment industry is rife with.