Teen Mom OG Confession: Catelynn Contemplated Terminating Her Recent Pregnancy

What did Tyler think of the possibility?

Catelynn and Tyler had a rough 18 months—or a “mid-life marriage crisis,” as Cate phrased it (t included temporarily living apart while she was pregnant with Vaeda). And on tonight’s Teen Mom OG episode, we learned that Cate contemplated terminating her pregnancy during this emotional time.

The reveal came as Cate was talking to producer Kerthy about an upcoming date night with her husband, during which she planned to talk to him about some things that bothered her during their “separation.”

“I feel guilty that I even contemplated aborting her,” she said. “We were going through so much in our relationship and I was just like, ‘Is it smart to bring a child into this world if me and him aren’t going to be together?’”

Later, during said date night, Tyler admitted to Cate that though they certainly needed to “work on things” at the time, the abortion talk “freaked me out” because he knew deep down that they would ultimately end up together.

Tyler also told his wife that she was “really strong” for going through what she went through and that she shouldn’t feel guilty for any of the feelings or emotions she had during her pregnancy.

“Whatever happened in the womb, honey -- your love and your life and giving it to her is going to outweigh anything that happened in the nine months she was brewing inside of you,” he said. “You went through tumultuous sh*t!”

Cate reciprocated the kind words to her partner of almost 13 years, adding that she was excited for their future together.

“I can’t wait to be that 88, 89-year-old lady on our little rocking chairs from our porch watching our grandkids, our great grandkids,” she smiled.

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