Hills Hearsay: Could Stephanie And Justin Bobby Be More Than Just Friends?

Audrina's pal thinks the two are 'shady'

Justin Bobby recently called Stephanie a "gorgeous woman," while she stated he's "f*cking cool." But could the two -- who recently relocated back to LA after stints in Nicaragua and London, respectively -- have a new relationship status that's more than just friends? Make way for another potential Hills love triangle -- starring Stephanie, Justin Bobby and of course Audrina.

During tonight's New Beginnings installment, Audrina's best friend Joey made a claim about Justin Bobby and Stephanie at a group outing to celebrate Heidi and Spencer's crystal brand Pratt Daddy Crystals.

"He's a liar, and do you really trust Stephanie?" Joey asked Mischa, Jason and Ashley. "And who do you think Stephanie's sleeping with?"

Mischa with the comeback that we would have blurted out: "Are you really saying that?"

And Joey really was saying that.

"What do you think is really going on?" she continued. "Shady stuff [in air quotes]. I think she's horrible, and what Justin's doing is, he's working both people. He's bad. Justin's bad."

Where were Audrina and Justin Bobby? Off having a slightly contentious chitchat of their own about the kiss that may or may not have been a peck or a kiss on the cheek/goodbye hug.

"I'm asking you not to make it so heavy. Like, if you're telling Stephanie that we kissed, obviously it goes to her -- it goes to people, it goes to Mischa," the Magical Unicorn he pleaded to her. "Check your friends and how you tell them. Because it obviously comes back to me like we made out."

"My friends? She's your friend too," a peeved Audrina responded.

And then his all-too common way of using his words to confuse Audrina came into play.

"But she's not going to you and saying that we kissed, but you're going to her and saying that we kissed," he stated without hesitation, spinning the situation back on Drina.

Back to Joey's area of the party: Frankie voiced that Justin and Stephanie have a "platonic relationship" -- and that Justin denied that the two were hooking up.

"You're going to believe Justin?" Joey spat, to which Frankie wondered why Justin would be dishonest.

"Because he's a liar," she concluded. "You're living in a dream. Justin and Stephanie are shady, period."

Meanwhile, Justin told Audrina that he and Stephanie have an "understanding" (family dynamics of her having an older brother and him having a younger sister) and that his goal was that the two could be in the same room and "start the friendship over."

And that's when Stephanie decided she was leaving the evening, and Justin asked Audrina to "hold on." And when she said, "I'm fine," she wasn't not fine.

And end episode. So do you believe Joey's allegation about Justin and Stephanie? Or are you buying Frankie's side of the story via Justin? Truth in time tells all, but in the meantime, give your feedback in the comments -- and keep watching The Hills: New Beginnings on Monday at 10/9c!